Michael Chekhov developed, a ‘psycho-physical approach’ to acting. The body talks to us all the time; it needs to be full to carry a creative impulse. The technique finds the connection between the inner response evoked by physical action and its uninhibited expression.

Chekhov believed that inspiration can’t be commanded; it is capricious. That is why the actor must always have a strong technique to fall back on. I will be teaching his singular method, consisting of what Michael Chekhov called the “Grounds.”

In the 90’s, I had the amazing luck to study with Michael Chekhov’s long-time teaching partner, George Shdanoff.  I was blown away by this acting technique.  Essentially, this unique version of the Chekhov technique was lost and not taught anymore.  About 5 years ago, I randomly met George’s former teaching assistant.  I have been diligently re-learning the technique and now am able to pass it on to new actors. -Tom Draper

At the end of the intensive, the actor will learn specific and practical tools on how to approach material and build a character, through the free expression of the body.

* Expect to move and work in every class.


Michael Chekhov was born in Russia and acted in the Moscow Arts Theater. Chekhov became Stanislavski’s “most brilliant pupil”. Chekhov came to Hollywood in the 40’s, acting in Hollywood movies such as Hitchcock’s Spellbound, for which he was nominated for an Oscar. His students later included Ingrid BergmanGregory PeckAnthony QuinnJack Palance, and Marilyn Monroe.

To learn more about the great Michael Chekhov, check out the amazing documentary at the bottom of the page!

Introduction to the Michael Chekhov Technique

(An 8-week intensive, Limited to 10 Actors)

Mondays: May 6th - June 24th || 7:30pm- 10pm

$600 ($300/month)

Continuing the Michael Chekhov Technique


Chekhov II (Intermediate)

(An 8-week intensive, Limited to 10 Actors)

Thursdays: May 9th - June 27th || 7:30pm- 10pm

$600 ($300/month)



Wednesdays: June 5th, 12th, and 19th

 7:30pm- 10pm

(A 3-week scene study, Limited to 12 Actors, must have completed Chekhov I & II)