Welcome to Acting Project

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“Not another freakin’ blog!” 
“But wait, it’s about acting.”
“Oh, that’s cool then.”

This blog is for all people who are curious about the art and craft of acting. Mainly tailored for students of acting, it is also for professional actors who want to stay inspired. Directors, writers and producers will find it valuable as well because of the nature of this collaborative art form.

I’ll go as far as to say that everyone who has access to a computer needs to read this blog. 

Okay, maybe I won’t.

I love everything about the art of acting.  This site is just an extension of my daily conversations about it.  (Some poor fool has to actually listen to me, because my wife won’t anymore.) 

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Here are a few wise words from Orson Welles on acting: 

I highly recommend this excellent documentary focusing on his latter years called, “Orson Welles: One-man Band”.   You can view it on-line.  A great treat.  It’s about 86 minutes long.  Enjoy:  Orson Welles: One-man Band

I love Welles.  Ornery yet passionate about his craft even while doing a frozen food commercial voiceover:    

Hope you enjoy the blog.