Ralph Fiennes Gives Advice to Actors

Academy Award nominated actor Ralph Fiennes has some good advice for aspiring actors...

                        (The short video clip is below)  

But here are his basic points:

1) Don't give up.

2) He then speaks about picking monologues to audition for drama schools.  Well, that does not resonate for the majority of my actors but the important point he makes is that the material should be true to you. It should be something you feel strongly about and mean something to you.  He used to think the proof of an actor was how dissimilar they could be in different roles but what is most important is that actor's own soul has to flow through the performance. Good casting happens when the part and the actor are somehow married.

3) The actor's life is unknowable. It's full of rejection and also triumph. Be prepared for all eventualities but never lose sight of the thing that moves you to be an actor and develop that inner strength.