Director Alexander Payne's advice on auditioning.

Alexander Payne is the writer/director of The Descendants, Sideways, and Election. 


Is there anything you want actors to know if they're fortunate enough to audition for you? 

Payne: Take it easy, there are no mistakes, and I don't expect a performance at all. It's really a glorified meeting. But what are we going to talk about? We might as well read the words from the script. And it gives me a vague idea of how sounds sound coming out of your head. Another analogy I've used: It's a pencil sketch on a cocktail napkin for what later is going to be a great oil painting. And we might even throw that sketch away. I don't care. Give me some credit as a director to see through the artificiality of an audition. It's really no big deal.  


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