Ben Books Brand New Melrose Place

So a big congrats to Ben Milliken on his new gig. So happy for you.

"Can't thank you enough for your help on this one - your approach to the work is so refreshing.  Stripping it down to the complete truth of what is happening in each moment of a scene, no matter what the material is.  Your constant belief and guidance enables me to completely trust myself so that the work comes from a truthful and personal place within me."  

Thanks Benny. 

It's really all thanks to your hard work. 

There's a great documentary called, "Theater of War."  It's a behind-the-scenes look at the Public Theatre's staging of Berthold Brecht's "Mother Courage and Her Children" in Central Park starring Meryl Streep; as well as a look into the life of Berthold Brecht.


Both Brecht and Streep share the same unromantic, nuts and bolts philosophy toward art: It's not mysterious; just hard work.

Rehearsals are the work.  That's where you toil in the mine to discover that one nugget of gold that helps you manifest a great performance.